Amil with Netherlands Prime Minister Rutte.

Amil Khanzada

Computer Science B.A., UC Berkeley
Evolution Ambassador of Eiheiji Town (profile)
One Young World Peace Ambassador (profile)

Amil holds 7 years of software development experience in the Silicon Valley and 2 years of software consulting experience in Tokyo and Hong Kong. He has been practicing Martial Arts and Yoga since 2005, and his other hobbies include Chi Kung, Zen, meditation, cultural immersion, nutrition… everything related to self-improvement! Amil is fluent in Japanese and travels between Eiheiji and his hometown in Silicon Valley often.


Taisuke Fukuno

(Official profile)

Founder and chair of, a mobile software development company with 60+ employees.

Founder of and evangelist of open data in Japan.
Founder and evangelist of IchigoJam, used worldwide for teaching kids programming with several volunteer groups spread across Japan.


Hira Khanzada

Mental Health Therapist (LinkedIn profile)
Psychology B.A., UC Berkeley
Master's in Social Welfare (Concentration: Management and Planning), UC Berkeley
State of California registered Associate Clinical Social Worker (Therapist profile)

Hira underwent social work training at UC San Francisco SFGH Trauma Recovery Center and Stanford Health Care. She provides counseling and psycho-therapy to those struggling with chronic stress and other common issues, viewing healing as a holistic practice. Hira herself has been practicing mindfulness since 2012 and has a track-record of working in non-profit administration. She is based in the Silicon Valley.


Hisamitsu Kawai

(Official profile)
Mayor of Eiheiji Town
Zen Culture Evangelist

Specializes in connecting leaders of various backgrounds across Japan together.